Worship Music

We enjoy finding and singing new songs around here.  We do enjoy the sound of the music, but we’re more interested in the lyrics.  Are they biblically accurate?  Are they Christ-centered?  Do they really serve as a channel for us to think about and declare the worth of God?

Words from three songs we sang this past Sunday are still sticking in my mind today.  One song is familiar to most – “And Can It Be?”, by Charles Wesley.  The first verse expresses the amazement, shock, humility we should have as we consider the grace of God to us – Can it be, is it possible, can it really be true that I should benefit from the Savior’s death which I caused with my sin?!  “Amazing love!  How can it be that Thou, my God, shouldst die for me?

Another song is “Sing His Bleeding Love“, by Isaac Watts.  Here is the final verse and chorus – “My soul looks back to see the burdens Thou didst bear hanging on the cursed tree and trusts her guilt was there.  Believing we rejoice to see the curse removed.  O praise the Lamb with cheerful voice and sing His bleeding love.”  How much does He love us?  Enough to bleed for us, to take the curse for us, to remove our guilt from us.

The last song is “Deeper and Deeper” by Oswald J. Smith.  The verses express our desire to go deeper and deeper into an experiential knowledge of the heart, will, cross, joy, and love of Jesus.  The second verse says “Into the will of Jesus deeper and deeper I go, praying for grace to follow, seeking His way to know; bowing in full surrender, low at His blessed feet, bidding Him take, break me and make, till I am molded, complete.”  That’s a dangerous verse to sing, but an accurate one from someone who truly worships Christ.

I hope these music samples help you to worship as they helped me.